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Nuevo Liderazgo

En Julio de 2016 se formalizó el nombramiento de Javier Solà Roca como nuevo Director General de Witte y Solà. Varios meses después, la incorporación de Alberto Solà en el Comité de Dirección concluye la formación de su nuevo equipo integrado por varios miembros de la tercera generación de la família Solà y otros profesionales de reconocida trayectoria en la compañía.


El nuevo Comité de Dirección está formado por:


Javier Solà - Director General

Sophie Blanc - Directora Comercial

Xira Solà - Procurement and Logistics Manager

Álvaro Jurado - Dirección Planta

Toni Solà - Dirección Técnica

Albert Maymó - Director de Organización y Finanzas

Jordi Morell - Dirección de Talento e Innovación

Estefanía Escartín - Directora de Calidad y Medio Ambiente

Roger Mas - Supply Chain Manager

Alberto Solà - Director de IT

Published: 05.03.2017
Witte y Solà participará en CPhI Barcelona 2016

Witte y Solà participará en CPhI Barcelona 2016

For the first time, Witte y Solà is exhibiting at the CPhI (Innopack) which will be held in Barcelona, from the 4th to the 6th, October 2016.


Our Sales Team will be glad to meet you at our booth 2R8 where we will not only offer our extended variety of flexible aluminium tubes but also our newest releases.


We want to celebrate our 50th Anniversary sharing our new business vision with you and giving you a little present.  We will seize the opportunity to show you all the information about our new Laminate Tube Line, which will be running in late 2016 as well as our new online store, which from now on will offer you small amounts of tubes, caps and accessories.


Get your free ticket for the fair following the link below:


To ensure our meeting will be as useful as possible, make sure you arrange an appointment with us in advance by contacting any of our Sales Assistants:


Tel: + 34 93 570 47 12


We are really looking forward to seeing you. 

Published: 12.09.2016


After several months preparing our working processes, facilities, employees and a large etc... last may the certifying company Dekra gave us the ISO 15378 as well as the renewal  of the ISO 9001. With this accreditation Dekra recognize that Witte y Sola works under GMP environment responding this way to the needs of our markets.

Published: 06.07.2015
Witte y Solá reduces production costs of aluminum containers

Witte y Solá reduces production costs of aluminum containers

The redesign of the aluminum tube packaging has affected a significant reduction in production costs of the company Witte and Solà, Sant Fost. The company is one of the participants Laboratori i Econnovació program, driving by l'Obra Social de La Caixa, Fundació Forum Ambiental and the collaboration of Foment del Treball.

See full article (Catalan)

Published: 12.02.2015
Doors Open Day

Doors Open Day

Come in, come in...
This summer, after seven years, we invited all our employees, friends, customers, suppliers and institutions to let them know how we produce an aluminium tube and to show to our beloved family where we daily spend so many hours.
All day long one hundred and seventy seven people, including thirty five children, visited us. Through a guided tour, nineteen people in our organization opened WYS’ world to all our guests, answered questions and gave everyone a representative detail of our day-to-day.
All visitors were surprised to discover how an aluminium tube is made and became delighted with the experience.

Published: 14.10.2014
Ricardo Alfaro

Ricardo Alfaro

To commit our market you first have to commit your partners

Something traditionally reserved to the company management, like strategic thinking and value creation must be shared and talked with the whole company members to become completely competitive. It has to stimulate enterprising initiative and behaviour.

Published: 17.07.2014
Q-Plant System

Q-Plant System

2013 is the year when Witte y Solá has left behind paper. 18 digital screens distributed all over the plant, plus numerous additional accesses in annexes departments, provide the necessary information for production and its management.


Manufacturing orders, customer’s specifications, manufacturing drawings, lithographs, technical instructions, everything can be consulted through these screens. Everything has become reachable at one finger.


This system, as the last one, allows us to obtain efficiency, productivity and waist online data. But, furthermore, has permitted to empty the production plant off paper.


In a second phase, production autocheck will also be managed through the screens and the system will check the suitability of online data and alert in case of deviations or defects.

Published: 07.11.2013
Machine vision

Machine vision

Witte y Solá is the first company in the country that applies the machine vision to the aluminium tube. This way we are capable of guarantying a uniform tube surface, without holes and estrange bodies adhered to the tube.

The cameras, located in the printing station, inspect the lacked tube to find imperfections that may cause leak problems or printing defects. Our exigency level is to get the most, regarding all clients and applying a 0 defects politic and total quality that just an artificial eye can guarantee.

A camera placed in the automatic lathe of the production line that produces the smallest diameters, controls the mechanical and dimensional construction of these tubes.


In three of our manufacturing lines, the camera detects the perfect positioning of the cap and the nozzle kits, avoiding thus, to our customers a loss of productivity and waste during the filling process of the tubes.

Published: 06.11.2013
New web site

New web site

Before renovating the corporative identity WYS has launched the new web site, fresher and more dynamic ready for a second phase that will add the on-line management of all customers’ orders.


Furthermore, Witte y Solá is working in a project of retail tubes to this people who is interested in buying a little quantity of tubes or accessories.


Click here to get more information

Published: 01.11.2013
Manuel Moreno

Manuel Moreno

Spain is already exceeding the levels of unemployment that we would consider socially bearable. 6.2 million people are looking for work according to the latest government data.

However, many companies have difficulty filling their vacancies with the required profile, especially when it comes to combining technical profiles with the essential ability to manage people and teams.

A qualitative gap between supply and demand has been generated and, of course, the exigencies increases. Can companies afford being only the observers of a vital process for them? Should continuous training be the strategic solution for certain technical professions?

Petit Committee will reflect on the model of German Dual Training an international reference and currently developed in SEAT.

Published: 20.06.2013
Pedro Navarrete

Pedro Navarrete

The current complex situation makes necessary, more than ever, having an efficient and flexible organization fully aligned with the basic aim of the company.

In which case it becomes necessary to change the culture of a company? What are the main points to consider in order to succeeding? Which are the main obstacles?

Published: 15.11.2012
WYS and the responsible waste management

WYS and the responsible waste management

Being aware of the impact of our activity can cause in our environment, WYS works hard over the improvement of our waste management.


The results in both plant and in offices: better waste distinction and planning collections made by certified providers specialized in producing new raw materials for the industry and revaluing this way the planet resources.


In parallel, we have launched an awareness campaign for our staff, because each of our daily actions should help us to live with respect for nature and our environment.

Published: 01.01.2010
Clean Room

Clean Room

The purpose of the Clean Room is to provide clients with an environment free from suspended particles, with a continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

The need of this kind of environment comes from the nature of the work performed therein. Our clean room is operational since the second half of 2006. AXIMA is the company responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly and tests that were performed on it.

Published: 01.01.2008